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    Michael Wirth


    Tap Inspect allows you to rename your Roles (About Roles) and also set the permissions that each role has in your jobs. The people with full permissions are considered 'clients'. This is because a user could rename the the default Client role to anything like 'Customer', 'Buyer', 'Owner', etc.

    As a best practice, only your actual client/customer/buyer should have full permissions by default. This will let your calendar display as you expect.

  • Blue Line Home Inspections LLC

    I had to  give agents full permission (Signs agreements, Pays invoices, Receives reports) in order for them to see the invoices and receipts.  If I simply give the agent the role of  "Read reports", the system does not give them a button/link to view the receipt/invoices.    I think we need the option to give agents the role "Receives reports , views receipt/invoices" . 


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