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  • Scott Ruttan

    I couldn't agree more these would be great additions to the software. 

  • Gates

    React.js and native would do the fix. Super scalable for this app and easy to fix bugs because of component based code. Not to mention making a room-based walk-through style in the app (bedroom 1, bedroom 2, kitchen, etc) that PDF’s to component based summary (plumbing, electrical, exterior, interior, etc).

  • Frank Koehler

    I fully agree.  There's too much typing to do when creating and/or modifying a template.  I don't have an iPad so I use my phone.  It would be great to have template create/modify functionality from a desktop: mac and PC.

  • Total Property Inspections

    I 100% agree with you Frank, I'm completely ok with only being able to complete reports on the mobile device (although the option to do so on my Mac would be nice), but please please please give us the option to modify templates on the website!

    Also, I wish I had seen the comment from Gates sooner, sounds like Gates should be creating an app and I would love to help out!  lol


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