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Updates to software?



  • Blue Line Home Inspections LLC

    Any response from Tap Inspect about updates? They have been awfully quiet this year - I hope all is well. I am growing concerned about the lack of communication and effort to keep us updated about the future of Tap Inspect.

  • Total Property Inspections

    Can we get more options other than just 'Information' and 'Defeciency' for tagging items with?  I could really use just one more, give me a 'Recommended' tag and I am good.

  • Clark Booth

    I agree and I have an additional possible idea. How about if Tap Inspect allows three four or even five options and lets the user fill in how those options are labeled. Information comment defect etc. In other words the user would login the first time and set up all of the comment titles and from there going forward it would become part of the template and would stay until it was edited later by the user. It would become part of template editing.


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