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Upcoming New Invoice Feature checkbox



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    Michael Wirth

    Interesting idea Steven !

    I think there will need to be multiple levels of permissions on the documents associated with a Job. I don't think anyone but you or the client would need to see the Agreements either.

    There may also be the need for no one but you to see other documents or data about the Job.

    Are there any more things that would make sense for the client to only see?

  • Steven Kushner

    Thank you. Besides invoices anything else would be dependent on the App's ability to accommodate attachments.  So the list I can think of now for additional documents in which selected delivery would be useful would be; Termite inspection reports (NPMAA-33), Summary page(s), Invoicing, and "Supplemental Memo".  

    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.


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