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Section Copy Ability



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    Michael Wirth

    Hi Mathew

    The Garage section in our default templates does have Exterior, Roofing, and also Structure subsections. They are hidden by default but can be easily shown.

    This question often comes up regarding adding or hiding bathrooms but it is handled the same way:

    You are correct that you can not duplicate a section as a subsection. It may be possible for us to build the interface but we are not sure how much value it will provide since it is such an uncommon need.

    Since a report can only have a section and a subsection duplicating into a subsection could cause issues. If someone attempted to duplicate a section like HVAC as a subsection they would lose the Heating and Cooling as there can be no sub-sub sections.


  • Derby Inspections

    Michael, see my post about how how the Procreate apps use a swipe left and swipe right on lists to get more than one option.  Currently I can only swipe right on your section/subsection sidebar.  My suggestion would be on slide right to could give you an “edit” and “delete” option - thus eliminating the edit that appears (unintuitively) in the upper right corner. A left swipe action could give you a “Copy” option.  You could limit this paste function to the same level in another template (I.e.) pasting section at the top level or pasting a subsection under another section.

    I would like to see this function included both the inspection and templates.  Here is an example, I might be carrying out an inspection of a laundry room.  This laundry room has a sink and cabinets.  I don’t want all the extra baggage of including cabinet and sink inspections.  I would like to simply “grab” my sink and cabinet subsection from my kitchen section and paste it into my “laundry room”. I could see this applying to theater rooms with a snack bar - again simply grabbing my cabinet, sink, cook top and refrigerator subsections.  I think it would be very useful.


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