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  • Adam Colliton

    I definitely agree- this would save a lot of redundant screen movements.

  • Derby Inspections

    How about the ability to collapse sections with the standard ”+” and “-“ symbols.  This way you would be able to collapse a section once complete or when you are doing something else.  


    Also, the only thing you can choose when you swipe right on section or subsection is delete.  Programs like Pixelmator give you two or three options on a right swipe.  I could think of “Delete” “Collapse” and “Edit” as options that would increase my workflow.  In the Template editor have a “copy” option could allow someone to paste items from one section to another.  Currently, you are limited to copying and pasting within a single section or subsection.  This could copy/paste on on a left swipe could potentially allow you to copy and paste amounts different templates.

  • Permanently deleted user



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