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    Michael Wirth

    Hey Steve

    We have tried to combine all the most common Standards of Practice including ASH, InterNACHI, CAPHI, even the old NAHI. But keep in mind that the template checklists include as a minimum only the things an inspector must identify or describe in the course of a home inspection. You are free to modify your personal templates to fit what you want to report and what is expected in your area.

    Our Detailed Home Inspection template includes as many things as we could think of but it is by no means a full list of EVERYTHING that could be reported in a home.

    The biggest issue of an all inclusive checklist is that most items will not be applicable to every home. You also get quite a bit of repetition. 

    Comments with photos solve both of those problems. They let you report on the things that make a particular home unique and point out any unusual observations.

    No one want to read long pages of checklists. By using comments and photos you end up with an easier to read and simpler to understand report. 

    These Articles should help.

    Comments Tell the Story Video

    How To Use Comments

    Using and Searching Your Saved Comments 

    Basic Template Editing Video


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