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Photo cropping



  • Derby Inspections

    I will take this a step further.  Just use Apple’s photo tools.  “Markup” allows for lines, arrows, and circles.  Additionally, accessing the editing tools would allow me to crop, rotate, adjust exposure and change a number of things.  Additionally, your current program fails to access some basic, new camera features like .5 zoom and ultra wide settings.  I haven’t tried Apple’s night shot, hopefully your program can utilize this since many photos are in attics and crawl spaces. 

  • Michael Wirth

    It is important to understand that the device only gives us access to the hardware to collect the image. Once we have the image data it is up to each developer to build the tools to manipulate and the save the image data ourselves.

    That is why every app that has a camera feature looks and behaves a little bit differently.

    The 'camera app' inside of Tap Inspect is limited. The 'photo editing app' inside Tap Inspect is also limited. We intend to give them more features and capabilities.

    Keep in mind they will never be as advanced as the Apple default Camera or Photos apps. Or even a standalone 'Camera App' you may find in the app store or as advanced as a stand alone 'Photo Editing App' you may find in the store.


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