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New Features/Enhancements




  • Official comment
    Jason Adams

    Hi, thanks for the suggestions!

    I can say that the next few big pieces we are working on include:

    • Integration with the Inspection Support Network to allow you to import scheduled inspections with addresses, contact information, etc. pre-populated in your reports
    • More improvements to our image annotations editor
    • The ability to attach supplemental documents to an individual inspection, such as radon results or environmental test data

    We have lots of other great things coming later this year as well, stay tuned.  We will definitely look at upcoming inspection reminders as well.

  • John Orozco

    I would like to see a schedule feature if at all possible, that basically just sends out a courtesy email with the inspection order, reminding the client that their in 24 hours your home inspection will be underway, please advise with a simply reply link in your email linked to the order, that we are good to go!




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