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Comment/Deficiency Tiers



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    Michael Wirth

    Hey Jed,

    We are not opposed at all to this type of design change.  We simply have not found a simple and easy to understand way to make it work for the inspector or for the reader of the report.

    Adding different types of comments seems to be a slippery slope that ends up complicating the report more than making it simpler to read. We have seen most of our competitors try it and it does not seem to end well. It seems to end up with the need for another master Summary of the Summaries for each type of comment.

    We are big believers in simplicity not only for the inspector writing the report but also for the end user or reader of the report.

    I agree it may seem limiting. But keeping in mind that if you want a comment on a summary you make a 'Deficiency' comment and if you do not want it on the summary you make it an 'Informational' comment does make it much simpler to write.

    Having a single summary of the most important stuff also makes it much simpler to read and by putting words like 'This is a safety concern' in the text of the comment makes it very clear what you are saying.

    Right now we are planning to err on the side of simplicity until we can find a better way.

    I would love to hear other points of view. 

  • Jed Kaessner

    That makes sense. For now, I'll just do like you suggest and add "Safety Issue" or something like that. Thanks!

  • Brian

    I've been reviewing other templates and thinking a lot about what my clients want to see most. I agree that simplicity and brevity is important. That being said too many different types causes the reader to have to memorize and/or go back and review the legend.

    Still what my clients want to see most are those defects which will cost them the most to have repaired. For this reason I suggest 4 comment types:

    Informational - Blue Icon

    Defect - Yellow Icon

    Major Defect - Orange Icon

    Safety - Red Icon

  • trevor

    I would HIGHLY agree with Brain and others for a 'deficitancy' rating for review simplicity via realtors / home owners.  This is the ONLY item that dozens of agents and clients have asked for.


    So that within the summary or 'deficitancy' (as TAP uses) 

    > Red Icon - Representing: Safety Risk / Repair Immediately 

    > Orange Icon - Representing: Major Defect / Further Evaulation By Licensed Spealist / Repair ASAP

    > Yellow Icon - Representing: Moderate Defect / Suggesting proper maintenance and ongoing care required

    > Blue Icon - "Already in use by TAP"


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