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Add short videos



  • Official comment
    Michael Wirth

    Embedding video into a PDF is 'possible' but it requires the PDF reader to be able to display it. Not all do.

    Take a look at this PDF

    It has video and audio objects but neither my PDF Chrome plugin nor my Preview app will play them. This may cause more confusion than help to your readers.

    The PDF also can get extremely large.

    Live photos are an Apple specific image format. They would need to be converted to some other format that people on Windows, Android, and other devices could view them.

    Interesting idea!

    We are still looking at the best way to support short video clips.

  • HomePros

    Maybe the Live Photos taken from an iPhone / iPad can be used instead?

  • Total Property Inspections

    Guys, this is absolutely needed! Pictures say a 1000 words, but a video tells the entire story.

  • Derek Bird

    Any progress to adding videos to reports, especially with the new web experience sharing system?


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